Monday, November 24, 2008

Tattling on my husband....

I normally don't air our dirty laundry, but this is funny and my husband gave me permission....He even said..."Why don't you take a picture and put it on your blog?"... Be careful what you say, Honey.


This is all the "stuff" my husband pulls out of his pockets at night. I put this nice basket by the door to hold all the "stuff" and what does he do...

...does he open the cover and put the "stuff" inside...NO...that would make too much sense, too logical, I guess!


Reason #1: "It's easier to get to it this way, Honey."
Reason #2: "The basket isn't big enough."
Reason #3: "The basket is too full and I have to clean it out."
Reason #4: "I'm too tired."
Reason #5: "I have to pee. I'll do it in a minute."
Reason #6: "The top was closed."

I have to say....this is much better then what it was 5 years ago. Back then...he would pull all this stuff out of his pockets and as he walked to the bedroom, he would put things down in various locations, all over the house, and then the next morning I would hear... 

"Honey, do you know where my ............ is?" or "Honey, where did YOU put my........?"

I guess we need to celebrate small accomplishments....right!?! I love you, Honey!


Amy said...

I gave Shannon a "basket" too. LOL!:) And it is filled to the brim...and has stuff out beside it.

It's mostly mail and papers that he needs time to go through. He doesn't understand my need for it to be in a "basket." I tried to explain to him that I get overwhelmed if stuff is everywhere, but if it's in a feels contained. Like it won't take over my life.

It sounds like your hubby is a good blog sport like mine. He knows that anything (within reason, of course) is fair game for the blog.;)

And yes, celebrate all accomplishments...BIG or small.;)

God Bless,

Ashley said...

I laughed out loud reading this. Mark has a whole TABLE. Yes, an old side table/coffee table type thing that we use to have with our past furniture set up. It is covered, overflowing and ridiculous. I can't even post it. We love our guys regardless, huh? ;)

Kris said...

that's funny! DH has just a few things he puts on one of the end tables so he can remember to grab it all when he leaves. He leaves at 430am, so he's not exactly awake and has been known to leave things even though they are RIGHT there. Bless his heart, he's just NOT a morning person!

Melba said...

I guess you have to get there in stages, right? This reminds me of my hubby too...he is a pocket filler all the way! :)