Saturday, November 1, 2008

Still makes me cry sometimes....

Ignoring the fact that sometimes it's just NOT, "that easy," as she says at the end....this episode of Ghost Whisperer, had me crying last night.

(I recommend you watch the entire episode. It was a really good one. A teenage girl dies and we find out that her and her best friend were switched at birth. The mothers realize that they love them both and it doesn't matter that they raised a child that wasn't theirs, biologically.)

I no longer think that to be a mother, I have to have a biological child. I am TOTALLY in love with Sam and I haven't even met him yet. I still, however, deal with feeling inadequate as a woman, because, to me, that's part of what being a woman is....being able to conceive and bare a child.

Since we've heard about Sam, I haven't had any feelings like this, so I guess I was due for a good cry.

The husband in this show reminds me of Richard. He is so supportive, uplifting, handsome, funny and a caring soul. Richard saw me crying and was instantly at my side, hugging me and telling me he understood. What a great man!!!


Amy said...

He is a great man indeed! I'm sending you BIG BLOGGY (((HUGS!)))

God Bless,

Debbie B said...

I've never watched that show and watched it last night for some reason. It was a good show.

Facing the Giants is the movie that always gets me crying.

Melba said...

This is so sweet, your post almost has ME in tears! I understand completely what you are saying about the feelings of inadequacy - it does seem like those of us who are IF have had a fundamental piece of womanhood taken from us. For me it's always worse when my monthly (though I do use that term loosely) is around. I feel annoyed that I still have to have a period even though I can't conceive.

Annie said...

34 days. Yikes. I'm super excited for you all.

Losing Myself said...

I know that feeling so well. It took me years to get over it. Be glad that hubby is so supportive. That can be a big help. Also know that it is okay to cry. At times the darndest things can trigger it. That feeling can still creep upon me, even after 31 years!