Sunday, November 16, 2008


One of the big things I wanted for Samuel's arrival was a camcorder. My sister gave me hers to use until we could get money together to buy one of our own. It's an older version that takes cassettes. I was very excited and learned how to use it, but then I got concerned as to how exactly we'd be able to keep and view these later. We asked around as to how we could transfer from the cassettes to a disk. There really is no easy way, especially since we don't have any way to burn our own CDs. We didn't want to start recording images of Samuel and have no way to see them later. So after much research and looking, we decided that with 6 months with no interest at BEST BUY, we could do a SONY HANDYCAM. We bought it today. The batteries are now charging and I'm going to practice tomorrow by recording Sam's room. I'm so excited!!!

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