Saturday, November 22, 2008

Furniture man extrordinaire.........

Aren't they a cute couple!!

The Mountain Living Magazine is featuring furniture made by my nephew, Ryan. Here is what he said: "Ryan Schlaefer Fine Furniture is proud to be a part of this forward thinking and environmentally conscientious project. As a small company, we incorporate many eco-friendly practices. We provide a durable, long-lasting product. We use S.F.I. Certified woods and we have developed a water-based finish that is as beautiful as it is safe. Lastly, as a small northern Colorado company, we strive to support other Colorado-based companies and buy lumber and supplies locally whenever possible."

Check out his furniture here and also check out his wife, Heidi's, blog HeidiTown.

Any time I get the chance, I like to embarrass Ryan a little and remind him that even though he is only 4 years younger then me, I did change his diapers and he did abuse me by slamming my finger in a dresser drawer once.

Best of luck guys!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Tracey!!!

~Heidi & Ryan