Sunday, November 30, 2008

FIVE.....non-mommy days left!

The first five people we're going to tell when Samuel is born...

1. my parents
2. my husband's parents
3. our sisters and brothers....all 9 of them (I have 7 siblings and Richard has 2.)
4. our work places (All of our friends there have been extremely supportive and they want to announce it over the intercoms.)
5. the blogging world!!!

I know that's a few more then 5, but it pretty much covers everyone!


Kris said...

Can't wait to see that announcement (with pictures, of course!)!

Michele said...

Oh I am so excited for you both!
We had it all planned that we were going to tell our parents when we recieved Justin's referral. It didn't work out as planned since we recieved his referral when we were least expecting it. None of my family, with the exception of my grandma were home! So she is the frist one we told. We were bursting!!!!!! It was before any of us had cell phones!

Enjoy these last non-mommy days. Your life is about to change in suceh a wonderful, wonderful way!