Friday, November 28, 2008

All I want for Christmas....

This was the mess early this morning, after I had pulled all the boxes in from the garage. Stay with me to the gets much better.

I put this angle on my tree every year. My mother made it.

Here is the mantle now that I'm done. I made the wreath. Guess who the little stocking in the middle is for!?!

This is the finished tree. I'm not decorating as much as I normally do, since I'll be a little busy after Christmas. The pac-n-play kind of gives it away!

This will be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! I'm getting all I have ever wanted!



Michele said...

You're decorations are beautiful!
I know you are getting so excited for sweet little Samuel to arrive!

Kris said...

Looking a lot like Christmas at your house! Looks GREAT!!! (and the play-n-pak definitely adds to the decor, by the way.)

happymomof2 said...

SO exciting- it feels great to hang a new stocking and new ornaments on the tree for the newest member of your family. I am so happy for you. Your decorations look great:) You all are in my thoughts and prayers- God Bless!

Amy said...

Very pretty!:)
I love your Baby's 1st Christmas ornament. That is precious!

Shan said...

Your tree is lovely. And how exciting to be hanging a new little stocking.