Saturday, October 4, 2008

Justice and Prayers for the Goldmans

Fourteen years ago O.J. Simpson got away with murder

I've followed this case since the bronco chase. It was summer time when the trial was on COURT TV and I watched EVERY day of it. I was shocked when O.J. got off and elated when the Goldmans' won the civil case.

I was shocked again when OJ tried to publish a book entitled, "If I Did It" and elated when the Goldmans' stopped him. At first, I wasn't going to buy the book because Denise Brown, Nicole's sister, was so against it, but then after hearing the Goldmans' take on it, on Dr. Phil, I did buy it and read it and then I burned it. It was chilling.

Now O.J. was again on trial for kidnapping and robbery. The case went to the jury and they found him guilty of all charges! Thank you God!!! My prayer was answered.

Then on Wednesday, Mike Gilbert, O.J. Simpson's former friend and sports agent was on Dr. Phil.

He now says, that he told OJ not to take his arthritis medicine so that the "gloves" wouldn't fit, that he has helped to divert money, that should have gone to the Goldman's (after the civil trial) and that he has a collection of OJ's belonging in storage units too. He says he's now a changed man and is willing to turn over the money and the belonging to the Goldman's.

He's also written a book entitled, "How I Helped O.J. Get Away With Murder." I won't buy nor read this one, since he says the proceeds are going to charity, but on Dr. Phil he admits that only 20% will go to charity and he will get 80%.

I hope he does hand over the money and the objects to the Goldmans', but I don't trust his motives.

I prayer that one day the GOLDMANS' and BROWNS' experience just a little bit of justice, if only monetarily. But if not on Earth, I know that one day O.J. will see JUSTICE and with whom I know that justice will ultimately come from, it won't be pretty for him.


Amy said...

My family and I also watched all of that horrific trial, and watched him walk away a free man. It was disgusting!
So, we were very glad to see him found guilty on these new charges.
I had not heard anything about this man on Dr. Phil before, that is unbelievable!
Like you, I feel so badly for the Browns and the Goldmans, because they lost so much more than stupid sports memorabilia.

God Bless,
Amy:) said...

Tracey, It's Sandra again, Amy's Mom - we also watched the majority of the OJ coverage as well and were outraged when he was set free!!!! Thank GOD he will now stay in jail and hopefully for the remainder of his life!! I don't know how his friend could even look at himself in the mirror! What guilt that would be to bear!!!

Annie said...

I know, I about threw up when they read not guilty. Even more so when I saw the Oprah coverage of it and people celebrating. It was sickening.

The morning after they found the bodies and the news coverage started, I just didn't feel right about O.J. then his stupid excuses and holier than thou attitude sealed it.

I feel for the families and the kids. It must be so messed up to know that your dad killed your mom and got away with it.

I don't know how anybody could help him, I won't use Legalzoom or watch the Kardashian show. I don't think that anyone who helped him should benefit financially in any way.