Friday, October 10, 2008

In the next 56 days....

There are only 56 days left before my little Samuel is due and I am starting to realize I have more things to do then days left to do them in. I'm going to be very busy and the closer it gets to December 5th the more nervous I become. I'm feeling just a little overwhelmed with it all.

To Do List:
1. 8 weeks of parenting classes...every Wednesday night 6:30-8:30
2. Report cards to finish before October 27th, when we start parent conferences
3. My baby shower on October 18
4. Hair appointment
5. Yearly doctor appointment (pap)
6. Eye doctor appointment
7. Special Education referrals done
8. Make 5 weeks of substitute plans
9. Plan, shop and cook for 8 people for Thanksgiving
10. "Interview" 3 pediatricians to see which one I like best
11. Do all my Christmas and Hanukkah shopping
12. Write and send all Christmas cards

I'm sure there are other things too, but these are the immediate things on my mind that are "must do's."

Blogging has become addictive, yet relaxing and I thoroughly enjoy it. I can spend up to 3 hours a day writing (I have 1-2 weeks of posts ready at all times.) and following all of you (On Google Reader I probably check about 40 blogs a day and comment on at least 20.).

So, because of my "TO DO LIST," if I have to neglect your posts some or don't comment as much, I hope you understand. 


Anonymous said...

It'll all fit...and what doesn't get done, doesn't. You'll settle in with him and then it won't be a big deal to do what's left! I'm excited for you!!! (And I'll keep following using my true identity, of course. I can't wait to see him!) Your SBP

Amy said...

Ditto to what your SBP said.

And I totally understand about not having as much time to read and comment on blogs with all that you've got coming up. Don't worry about blogging...It will be here whenever you have the time.

You just take care of you and your family...and your new baby!:)

God Bless,

Reggie Boppy said...

56 days! I am a list maker as well. Everything will fall into place and be fine. Like, you I am a blogaholic :) It is relaxing and therapeutic and I love reading about everyone's journey, including yours! The next chapter in your adoption journey is sure to be unforgettable. Congrats again Tracey, I am so happy for you.

Annie said...

Don't forget "train self to live on two hours of sleep at a time:)"

I'm excited for you, can't believe you'll be able to see him, and smell his little head, and count his fingers and toes. So, cool.

L L said...

Best wishes on getting your list completed..but I also ditto all of the pps. Samule will be here before you know it..I am so looking forward to seeing him in your arms.