Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'd like two of those and one of these...

Since the government is bailing everyone out and no one has anymore money problems, I thought I'd splurge a little for Christmas. I decided to do a little shopping at Neiman Marcus.

Here are some of the great deals I didn't want any of you to miss out on.

First, for only $500,000 (installation costs not included), you too can have your very own Dallas Cowboys® Texas Stadium® End Zone Package. Yes, isn't that amazing! It can be yours too by shopping at Neiman Marcus.

What about your very own M-Velope® Transformable Structure for just $100,000?
And for those still on a budget...
...doesn't everyone want a life size sculpture of themselves, made out of LEGOS. This is ONLY $60,000.

Next, I went to the "Sales and Values" department and found...

...blankets for only $420.00.
...bath towels for only $45.00

and....YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE THIS ONE...a chocolate cutting board for ONLY $75.00!

I know all of you are just so excited to hear about these great deals! Drop by Neiman Marcus and tell me what you'd like for Christmas. Tell them Tracey sent you and I'm sure they'll knock off a couple extra bucks.


Mountain Girl said...

Yea, I'm sure you are tight with Neiman Marcus which would allow us to get a discount if we mention your name! HA! :-) They sure have some dandy bargains don't they?

Annie said...

We were doing homework and had to look up for sure what the correct definition of resounded was. Come to find out that is currently available for $9,549 US dollars.

Guess what I'm getting you for Christmas:)