Sunday, October 5, 2008

Balloons Go To School...Part #2

If you missed Part #1 check this out first.

Now on to the lift off....

We wanted both pilots to go up at the same time, but the guy from Finland didn't understand and took off a little prematurely....just like a man...huh?!!

First he headed east, but then as he went higher the wind pushed him west, back over our school.

Believe it or not, balloon pilots can only control the up and down motion. The wind takes care of the left or right motion.

One of the reasons Albuquerque is perfect for Balloon Fiesta is that the mountains create a box affect for flying. At a lower altitude it pushes them south and at a higher altitude it pushes them north.

Here is our principal giving the all clear sign and then we waved goodbye. Up, up and away!

Then the bell rang and we all had to go inside...aaawww.....
Two last parting directly over our heads!

What a fun time for the kids...and the adults!!!

I've only been on a ride in a balloon once. It's very expensive, but a lot of fun! You'd be surprised by how smooth it is. It's kind of cold that high though. When you land the basket bounces a couple times and then the chase crew, that's been following you from below, grabs the basket and stops it. Once the pilot opens the top flap of the balloon and lets out all the hot air, it deflates pretty quickly.

Did you enjoy the experience? I hope to see all of you out here next year. We'll make it a "BLOGGERS' FIESTA!"


My Goodness said...

Wow! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the balloons! I MUST ride in one before I die! :)

Breanne said...

Love the pics - I really miss the balloon fiesta but not how early you have to wake up.