Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tell Us Your Love Story...tag...part 2


My love story continues.......

Anyway....Richard answered my add and we spent a couple days e-mailing each other. He seemed normal and I liked everything he told me (I was still weary. A lot of guys know just what to say and then turn out to be the total opposite when you meet them.). I gave him my telephone number and for 2 nights we talked from about 7 pm to 2 am. The time passed so quickly, we laughed, told stories and he had the SEXIEST voice I have ever heard.

On the third night (Monday, July 31), he said he didn't want to wait until the weekend for a date and asked to meet me for dinner the following night (August 1st). I was married the first time on August 1st and if this worked, I didn't want that to be our first date, so I told him I was busy, but that I could meet him on Wednesday (August 2). I waited for him in the bar of Macaroni Grill. I knew who he was when he walked in the door...dark hair, dark eyes...GORGEOUS! He was wearing a heavy black leather coat, which I thought was odd...but he said later he had just got it and he wanted to impress me...I just thought it was strange to be wearing leather, in August, in New Mexico. Anyway...we were both nervous and we had a glass of wine to relax. He told me that he hadn't had lunch that day and he was starving. We sat down and started to talk....I grabbed a crayon and drew lit candles and wine glasses on the paper table cloth (I kept the table cloth from that night.)..."so we can have a candle light dinner." He told me later that he was very impressed by this....go figure?!

We continued to talk...he looked me directly in the eyes...this really impressed me...most guys looked everywhere, but my eyes. When dinner came...(He had ordered the same as me...I thought this was a ploy at first, but he told me I ordered the best thing on the menu and to this day he says he was being honest and it wasn't a ploy.)...we continued to talk and talk and talk...about everything....I'm noticing he isn't eating like a man that is famished...only taking a few bites here and there...he told me days later it was because he was so "into me." Good thing he didn't use that line that night.



Amy said...

Oh, you tease!;)

I want to know what happened after dinner.....


You've got me hooked...And it may be sometime this weekend before I am able to get on a computer again.


I guess I'll wait.

(This is fun!);)

I'm looking forward to Part 3!

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet! What a special story to tell Sam!

Debbie B said...

Such a great story. Can't wait to hear the rest.

My Goodness said...

I love that you drew the candlelight...