Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NM State Fair

Richard and I went to the New Mexico State Fair on Sunday.

We had way too much bad food...like

deep fried cookie dough....and
Indian fry bread....and


cotton candy!

We walked around to digest all this food...here's the map...of the fair grounds.
We went to the petting zoo, saw all the prize chickens and rabbits, saw a sheep shearing demonstration, the local schools' art displays, lots of rigged games to win giant stuffed animals, fancy tricked out cars, lots of fast rides, award winning produce and jelly, someone who would detox your body by putting your feet in some really nasty water and a lot of poorly dressed ("hoochy mamas") and intoxicated people (There must have been a two for one sale at the beer tent.). There was a lot for sale, including: trucks, Jacuzzis, candy apples, goats, puppies, hooker shoes, wigs, jewelry, Indian blankets, spices, pottery, clothes, magnets that looked like your face, dog tags, cures for headaches and backaches, lotions, pots and pans, knives, cooking lessons, vacuums, and tattoos.

We also saw...The Amazing Ziggler Brothers Dive Team....

They were all wearing speedos....and NO, they did not have "six packs." They should have, but they didn't!

My husband and I love to "people watch," which gave us plenty to laugh about. It was a very fun day!

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Amy said...

Sounds like fun! We like to eat bad food and people watch too.;)