Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My First Give Away!!!!!


Have you ever visited SOLUTIONS? I have a $25.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE, for one lucky winner, to use there.


1. Visit the SOLUTIONS web page and look around.

2. Then come back here and leave a comment, with your email address, telling me what your favorite item is and why.

3. Please only comment once....additional entries from the same person will be deleted.

4. On Wednesday, September 10th, after 1 pm (Mountain Time), I will choose one random comment to win.



Debbie B said...

The Sweetheart Rocking Chair.

Annie said...

The bamboo slippers and the rainbow maker. Hope you get a commission on all the money I'm about to spend there:)

Christmas will be done before Thanksgiving this year. Wahoo.

Camille Platt said...

i like the pet jet sprayer. we have this and it makes washing big dogs so much easier.

Amy said...

"Pure cotton comfort in a practical, nonslip rug that's machine washable!" :)

We need an area rug for our wood floors, because Allie keeps slipping everywhere...This could give her traction (in the living room), and it's machine washable!:)

I have never shopped there, but they have a lot of nice stuff.

Thanks for the chance!

God Bless,

Headless Mom said...

I love solutions...their catalog is great. I'd have to go for the closet and cupboard shelf organizers. I always want them but never buy them.


carmen said...

Personalized ice cream bowls, definitely.

THopgood said...

Manhattan Storage Bench!!

I've been thinking about getting a bench like that for under my bedroom window for over a year now and just haven't gotten around to doing it!

L L said...

Ok there is a lot that I want/like

for starters: the reusable totes/shopping bag, the cutting boards...there is a bunch of stuff in the kitchen section that I crave.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I love the outdoor privacy morning glories would look beautiful climbing up it! :)

Becky said...

OK, no fair! Tooooo many cool things to look at to choose a favorite!! :o)
I think I would add a little $ and get the 3-D Bolo Toss game.
We have looked at something similiar. We like playing games together as a family!

Melba said...

hmmmmmm, this is a tough one, but I would have to say I love the recipe organizer most. Right now I've got all my printed recipes paper clipped to the back of my favorite cook book. I'd love to have a better solution for that! :)


Blue Castle said...

Those microfiber cleaning cloths sure look nifty. It would be awesome to clean without having to use cleaners at all.

Beachy Mimi said...

I love the brownie pan where every piece has an edge. Thanks for the giveaway.
ablkathy at aol dot com

The Mom said...

Wow, cool giveaway Tracey!

I like the BedLounge Support with Cotton Cover. I love reading in bed and my pillow is too flat!

Thanks for the chance!