Monday, June 2, 2008

How to deal with a crappy neighbor...advice please...

Last summer we got a new neighbor. When she first moved in she said, "hi," we introduced ourselves, chatted a little and I let her get on with unpacking her bags. After that it's like she disappeared....I would see her get her mail and I'd wave and she'd wave and that was it. About 2 weeks after the move in I got a note taped (electrical tape no less) to my front door. It said...

"Neighbors for the last few days I have been trying to catch you to speak to you about the over growth of your vines-I do not appreciate having to cut your over growth of vines in my yard-Please maintain your vines in your yard-Thank you"

This totally blew me away....

1. The "vines" she mentions are Morning Glory vines that I had growing along the fence and I used the top of the fence (that we share) to train the vines. They were beautiful. After this note I went out to check them and she had "CUT" all the vines and they were now on the ground.

2. I was home a lot during this time and she never once knocked on my door or rang my doorbell.

3. After this she wouldn’t' even look at me and ignored me completely (She'll wave and talk to my husband though.)...I thought fine...I'll move my MORNING GLORIES and leave you alone. So, that is the way our relationship has been. She is like a hermit in her house (I'm sure there are issue there...), with her 20 something year old son.

Now she has 2 very large sheep dogs (see picture above) that are jumping on the fence and it is becoming more loose every day. I have 2 dogs too but they are in a dog run, on the other side of the fence and never encounter her dogs. Also she actually has a dog run but doesn't use it. They have put up a couple brackets, but the entire fence is loose from their jumping.

I've asked my husband to try and talk to her or her son, but he is very sweet and doesn't want to stir up anything. He's been putting it off. I am worried this fence may come down and then they'll get in my yard and ruin it. Her yard is all rocks and dog poop. If my husband doesn't want to talk to her....I would like to write a note about the situation and leave it on her door.
Something like...
Dear Neighbor,
I have noticed that the fence we share is taking a beating from your dogs. I do realize you have tried to strengthen it with brackets, but the entire fence is now loose and is threatening to fall. The fence is also bowed in and I don't want my plants to be damaged. We would like to work with you on rectifying this situation. Please call us at your earliest convenience.

Ok, blogger buddies...give me your advice....

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