Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 We rode up to the top of the Sandia Mountains today and went for a hike.
 Andrew getting a piggy-back ride.
 What an amazing view.
 We are off....

 Sam loves exploring.

 All my boys.
 Drink break.

 Richard humor.
 Time for a nap.

 How can that possibly be comfortable?

 Sam said, "I'm going home."
Sam's leading the way.

Friday, July 4, 2014


Falling asleep is not the issue, staying asleep through the night is.
Andrew wakes 2-4 times throughout the night.
Andrew has a bedtime routine.
Andrew feeds before bed.
Andrew has on a nighttime diaper.
Andrew has a white noise machine.
Andrew has a night-light.
Andrew's naps are limited.
Andrew is nine months old.
Andrew is wearing clothes for an 18 month old.
Andrew is 21 pounds and 27 inches long.
Andrew is taking 8-12 ounces of formula throughout the night.
Andrew is a beast.
Andrew's bedtime was moved later.
Andrew is not teething.
Andrew has a "lovey."
Andrew doesn’t like pacifiers.
CIO didn't work....
Andrew is stubborn.
The pediatrician had no advice.
We are consistent.
Ear plugs aren't an option.
Co-sleeping is not an option.
Now what......