Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I was deemed MINIMALLY EFFECTIVE for last school year, so I have been put on a 90 day performance growth plan. I was fine on my observations, but I was marked low because of attendance (I was out 14 days...many of these were because of my adoption.) and STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT...basically how my kids performed on the SBA at the end of the year. It says I will receive "guided support" in Student Achievement. The advice given is, "Review current students' test scores in AIMS." Ok I have done what? This and "don't give students candy so they will develop wanting to participate intrinsically," are the only two pieces of advice (guided support) that I have been given in 2 years. That should fix everything!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The first night of CIO went something like this:
7:20 Last bottle given, rock a little bit, put in crib, close door, crying begins….
7:30 Crying stops
8:45 Crying starts….wait 10 minutes
8:55 Mom goes in to comfort, offered a little of bottle, but didn’t want any
8:57 Close door….crying continues….wait 15 minutes
9:12 Mom goes in to comfort
9:14 Close door…crying continues….wait 20 minutes
9:35 Mom goes in to comfort…offered bottle, but he didn’t want any….wait 25 minutes
9:55 Crying stops
1:30 Woke up crying, but back asleep before the 10 minutes wait time was up
4:52 Woke up crying….waited 10 minutes….
5:00 Mom goes in to comfort….offered bottle….drank a little
5:05 Close door…….crying continues….wait 15 minutes
Andrew falls asleep before 15 minutes is up….still sleeping now at 7:30 a.m.

DAY 2 OF CIO went something like this...
7:15 4 oz bottle and put in crib crying
7:30 no more crying
11:15 woke up crying....wait 15 minutes
11:30 comfort and gave 2 oz bottle rub back while lying down left room and he started crying
11:35 crying stopped
1:30 woke up crying but stopped on his own
3:15 woke up crying wait 15 minutes
3:30 comfort and gave 2 oz bottle, changed diaper, lay in crib with blanket, rub back....left room with no crying
7:45 work happy for the day
I'd say we're all doing pretty good.......

Dad handles the 3rd night of CIO....these are from his notes...
7:00 6oz bottle, rock some, out by 7:10, crying
7:30 comfort out again
7:35 asleep
10:00 cry stir sleep
11:30 cry stir sleep
12:10 cry
12:30 in to comfort
1:05 crying stopped
I am writing this at 5:45 before work and everyone is sleeping!

Day 4 of turn again....

7:30 6 oz bottle and some rocking...put down in crib with no crying
10:00 stir cry sleep
12:15 crying....wait 25 minutes
12:40 comfort 2 oz formula, change diaper, back in crib....rub back for a couple minutes...leave crying
12:45 back to bed for me
1:30 stir cry sleep
3:30 stir cry sleep
5:45 All are asleep as I go off to work. 

CIO Day 5 was last night....Andrew was VERY tired and his teeth were bothering so I caved and at 7:00 I gave him tylenol and 6 oz of formula. I just couldn't keep him up any longer. He was rubbing his eyes and very tired.....
THE ANGELS ARE SINGING....why you ask....wait for it....
ANDREW SLEPT THE ENTIRE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!