Tuesday, January 2, 2018


I'm reading YOU CAN BEGIN AGAIN, by Joyce Meyer. The following part really spoke to me:

"Anytime you talk about plans, you have to begin by asking, "Whose plan is this anyway?" Is this my plan or is this god's plan?" I say that because the only way you are going to really enjoy your life is if you pursue the plan God has for you. His plan is always best. Sadly, we often forget that. Sometimes we get so impressed by the plans we've made for our lives that we never stop and ask God what He has planned.

In our zeal to accomplish our goals, it's easy to run with the wrong plan. It doesn't mean that you have bad motives or are purposely trying to do the wrong thing; it just means that you still haven't heard God clearly. I'm not saying that you should never make plans; however when you do make plans and set goals for your life, always remember to submit those to the Lord. I think it's wise to go to God and say, "Lord, this is what I'm thinking You want me to do in this situation, or this is what I think You want me to do in my life, but if this isn't Your plan, I trust You to point me in the right direction." And then trust God as you walk that decision out. If it is not His plan for your life, the Lord will show you.

People think God leads us by opening doors of opportunity (and that's true-He often does that), but they don't realize that He can lead you just as easily by closing doors. If you're living for God and trusting His guidance for your life and the plan falls apart, God may be protecting you from something.

Just because something doesn't work out doesn't mean you failed. It may mean God is protecting you and guiding you away fro what was your plan in order to guide you into His plan.

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