Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And the year slowly grinds on.....

Update on how the school year is going.......

For quite a few years now we have had to log on (daily) and enter our students attendance (present, absent and late)...NO BIG DEAL...but now we have to call home after the 2nd, 5th and EVERY subsequent absence to see why they aren't here....DO YOU FEEL THIS SHOULD BE IN MY JOB DESCRIPTION...or is this a district or office task? Supposedly after 10 absences they will be on "probation," whatever that means.....No, I don't trust that anything will happen, considering, last year I had one girl at 16 absences and no one did anything.

What Boy...who was moved to someone else's home room to get him away from KITTY CAT, has been suspended for two days for bringing a hand zapper (tazer-like vibrator thing) to school and even after 2 teachers told him to put it in his backpack and take it home, he still pulled it out again and used it on a child...."What? He told me to zap him." Sometimes it's hard not to laugh.

While on our field trip in the wilds last Thursday, one of the students on the trip complained to us that a girl (who was back at school) was texting her. The girl on the trip didn't want to get in trouble so she ratted the other girl out. As long as the kids have a note from their parents they are allowed to have their cell-phones....in their backpacks, turned OFF. Needless to say the phone was not turned off and she got a discipline slip sent home about it. I HATE ALLOWING CELL PHONES AT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!! Especially since we are an elementary school, all the classrooms have phones, the office has a phone and I have a phone.

Baby-Boy never does anything wrong nor lies (according to mom), yet....he was 20 minutes late getting to his special education class and then, even though he was found in the bathroom, told us he was running errands for his teacher.

Good news....KITTY CAT seems to have settled down some and we are getting better at ignoring her melt downs.

.........and the year slowly grinds on...........

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