Friday, May 30, 2008

LOST....until next season.....

What an amazing season finale!!! They have created a whole new set of questions for me!

Why is Kate telling sleeping Arron she's sorry....what is she sorry for? What did Sawyer tell her in the helicopter before he jumped? When she sees Jack at the airport, who is she referring to when she says she has to get back to someone and they are waiting? Will Claire ever see her son again? She in the cabin isn't she?

Where is Sayid taking Hurley? What "safe place?"

Where did John Locke come up with Jeremy Benthem? Is he really dead?

Is Hurley really seeing Charlie? How is Jack going to get him back to the island?

Will Jack and Ben team up now?

Is Micheal really dead? Will he ever see his son again?

What does Sun want to talk to Mr. Whitmore about? Is Jin really dead?

Will Juliet and Sawyer get together now? How many of the survivors of flight 815 are left on the island?

How will Desmond hide from Mr. Whitmore?


Where is Daniel?
Where is the dog?
Was Charlotte born on the island?
Where is Walt?
Except for messy hair, these people look amazing for being on an island with no soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc...
Besides her father, who else does Sun blame for Jin's death?
What the hell is a "time traveling bunny?"


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